How do I use my volunteer Chronotrack code for a free future race?

Volunteer Free Future Races / Chronotrack Codes
If you choose to not use your free race at the event you volunteer, you will be sent a Chronotrack Code to use to sign up for a future Spartan Race. Please note you must complete your volunteer shift as listed in order to receive the free race.  For example, if your shift is listed as 6am-1pm, we are expecting you to volunteer from 6am-1pm.
To access your Chronotrack code, log into your Chronotrack account. 
You will receive your code via email within 1 week from the last race day of the event you volunteered. If 2 weeks have passed without receipt, please check your Chronotrack account under "COUPONS" before emailing
If you are emailing, please include your full name, email, the race you volunteered, and the location you would like to race for free.
You MUST "check out" with the Volunteer Coordinator or Production Assistant (course build shifts) after your volunteer shift to ensure you will receive your free race code.
The Chronotrack Code is good for AFTERNOON HEATS at any Canadian Spartan Sprint, Super, or Beast (it cannot be used for international races, the Ultra Beast, the Agoge, or other races other than the standard Sprint, Super, or Beast.) If you would like to use your code for a heat other than an afternoon heat, you can pay an upgrade fee (difference between the cost of the afternoon heat and the cost of the heat you are upgrading to.) Please note, a coupon code WILL NOT gain you entry into a sold out heat or race.
If you are missing your code to participate in a race, you must contact us at at least 2 weeks before your desired race.
You can gift the free race to a friend by simply giving them your code (it can only be used once).  
The free race is good for one year. Please don't ask us if you can use it after one year has passed since you've obtained the code. The answer is: you can't.
If you sign up for a free race and then cannot make it, we can transfer your free race to a different event only ONE TIME (must complete transfer before the race occurs, not after).  If you try to transfer more than once, you will forfeit your entry.
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