Multiple Laps Of A Course: Everything You Need To Know

So Spartan, you want to try and tackle multiple laps of the same course? Maybe you want to run once Elite and then again with your team, or you want to run first with your brother, and later with your Mom. Whatever the case, here's the details:

If you are:


If you are a SEASON Pass Holder and would like to run a 2nd (3rd, 4th..) lap, you will be charged $15 on site at the race day registration tent. You can only register for your 2nd lap ON SITE, on race day after your first lap is completed. You can not register for your extra laps online with your Season Pass.

... NOT a SEASON Pass Holder. 

If you are not a Season Pass Holder and would like to run multiple laps (complete with medal, t-shirt and official finish time), regular registration fees apply, including the insurance charge. If you would like to run two laps, you will need to pay two full registration fees. 

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