What is a Spartan Ultra Beast?


Every Spartan Race is a baptism. The Ultra Beast is an exorcism. You have conquered the Sprint, dominated the Super, and laughed in the face of the Beast. You are ready for the Ultra Beast. Get ready to face not one, but two laps of the Beast. You thought you prepared and trained enough, but the Ultra Beast will prove you wrong.

The Ultra Beast will cover 40+ kilometres, with a few twists thrown in to keep it interesting. There is no map or details for the course. Don’t bother asking because we will not tell you. As always, if you’re not sure if you’re ready, it is likely the Ultra Beast will be too much for you. This type of race REQUIRES training. 

Please do NOT complete an Ultra Beast registration if you are not comfortable with these terms! These races are NOT for beginners or intermediates. 

If you do sign up for an Ultra - you will be notified via email of the rules and regulations involved as well as the supplies you will need to bring.

There is also a time cut off in place for the Ultra Beast. This will be explained in the email info package. If you do not make it in time to the designated area, you will not be allowed to continue the race for your own safety.

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