I have a Team of 10+, or 25+ ... is there a large group discount?

Congratulations on such a large team!


Corporate Teams:

If you plan on registering a corporate team for on of our events, please visit our Corporate Team Web Page and contact Stacie at

How do I get the Large Team Discount?

If you do anticipate having a team of 10+ or 25+, please contact our Customer Service Team BEFORE registering. (If you contact us after your team is partially registered, we will not be able to retroactively apply a discount)

To contact our Customer Support Team, please use the "Submit a Request" button in the upper right of your screen, or email directly: 

How does the Large Team Discount work?

  1. Get in touch with our Customer Service Team BEFORE registering (choose "submit a request in the upper right of this page, or email directly:
    Please include in your email:
    - What race you're intending to register for
    - How large you (realistically) intend your team to be

  2. Our Customer Service Team will provide a unique code for you to distribute among your prospective team members, which will change the registration price to the available discounted amount.
    (Don't share this on social media, as these codes are good for a set number of uses, based on your anticipated team size!)

  3. The Captain should register first and create the team, in the appropriate time block, and use the unique code provided.
    (For more information on creating and joining a team, click here)

  4. Members can then each register, as normal, joining the team during registration and using the unique code at check out. 
    Please Note: No other offers may be combined with this unique discount code, including military discounts, deferral coupons, or other available promotional codes. 

What if my Team members don't join? Do I still get the discount?

When you contact Customer Service for your Large Team Discount code, you will be asked to provide an approximate number of your team members. The discount provided to you will be based on your approximate team size. 

Two weeks prior to the event, all teams using the Large Team Discount code will be audited. 
If you do not have the minimum agreed upon number to qualify for that discount (10+ or 25+ members), all registered members will be charged the price difference between what they actually paid (using the discount) and the current registration price. PLAN ACCORDINGLY. 
No exceptions will be made and no refunds will be provided. 

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