Last Minute Registration Questions

I registered within two weeks of the event, and I have some questions!

What happens if the start time I need to register for is sold out?

Unfortunately, we can't help you get signed up for a sold out start time.  Allowing racers to register for sold out start times would overcrowd our heats, cause bottlenecks on the course, and become a safety issue. If you sign up in the same time block as the team (Morning or Afternoon) and join the team, we will try our best to get you into the same time slot of the team. However final team additions must be made 21 days prior to race day. 

More information regarding team start times can be found here: Team Registration and Start Times

If you are not joining a team, our staff at the Race Day Registration Tent may be able to help you get your time changed, but it is unlikely they will be able to accommodate requests to move into sold out start times.  Also, you will be responsible for any difference in price at that time.

I registered on Thursday or Friday before the event, where do I find my start time and bib number?

Registration is now open for most events until 5:00 PM EST Friday prior to the race.

If you register on the Thursday or Friday prior to the race (any time after 12:00 AM Eastern time), your name will not appear under the "Start Times" tab.  On race day, you will need to proceed to the "Late Registration" line at the Race Day Registration Tent in order to claim your bib and be assigned start time.

We cannot guarantee any specific start time, but we can guarantee that you will start your race within your chosen time block (Elite, Age Group, Morning, or Afternoon).  In order to make this process go as smoothly as possible, you must arrive at least 90 minutes before the beginning of your time block.

Bib numbers are assigned on race day when you check in. 

Where can I find other important race information?

You can find all relevant race information on the event page or in the Race Day Program. The Race Day Program will be posted under the "Important Race Documents" the week of the race. 


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