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This article applies to 2021 Season Pass purchases only. If you purchased a 2020 Season Pass please visit this article

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What is a Season Pass?

In Canada, we are offering three options for your 2021 Season Pass. 

  1. Elite Season Pass - Valid for Elite, Age Group, and Open (Morning/Afternoon) Heats. Note, starting in 2021, Elite Heats require qualification (read about qualifying here). 
  2. Age Group Season Pass - Valid for Age Group or Open (Morning/Afternoon) Heats. 
  3. Open Season Pass - Valid for Open (Morning/Afternoon) Heats . 

Passes DO NOT guarantee your entry into a sold-out heat. You must register early to guarantee your spot! Your pass is valid for one chip-timed entry per day, per event. 

2021 Canada Season Passes are now valid through December 31, 2022. 

NOTE: Your Season Pass is unique to you and can not be shared. Pass usage is audited. If racers are discovered sharing passes, passes may be revoked and any race results disqualified. Season passes are non-transferable once purchased. 


Why should I get one, what are the benefits?

All 2021 Canada Season Pass Memberships include:

  • Entry into all Canada Sprint, Super, Beast races and 4 Hour Hurricane Heats. Specific heats are NOT guaranteed. 
  • 50% discount on Canadian HH12HR and Ultras. 
  • Pass valid for registration in eligible heats for your pass (Elite Pass - All heats; Age Group - Age Group and Open Heats; Open Pass - only Open category heats). Pass is not valid for Kids Races, Trail races, or Spectator registration purchases.
  • 2 entries to a US Spartan Sprint, Stadion, Super, or Beast (Open Heats only). 
  • Exclusive 2021 Season Pass Holder Swag, including exclusive Hoodie, T-shirt and patch (shipping timelines TBD).
  • 1 free Festival (spectator) Pass per race
  • Multi-lap discount
  • 10% merchandise discount (Online only - restrictions apply)

2021 Canada Season Passes are now valid through December 31, 2022. All 2021 Season Pass perks will carry over into 2022.


How do I sign up with my pass?

  1. Find an event on our website.
  2. Click on the Register button on the top of the event page you choose.
  3. When prompted, login to your Spartan Account, using the SAME email address as you used to purchase your pass (THIS IS IMPORTANT). 
  4. Once you select your preferred start time (that is valid for your pass) you will immediately see your registration discounted 100%, leaving you to pay any applicable add-on fees (totals are reflected on the right-hand side of the screen).
    If you do NOT immediately see this discount, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance before proceeding.

How do I use my other pass benefits?

  • Canada race registrations will be available immediately after purchasing your pass (noted above).
  • 2 US registrations will be available 1 week after purchasing your pass. You will receive a code in your Spartan Ticket account
  • Free Festival Pass can be used for one spectator to enter the festival. This can be claimed by you or your guest on race day at Spectator Registration. The pass will be under your name (the racer). You do NOT need to pre-register this pass, one is automatically added to your registration when you sign up with the pass. 
  • Promotional clothing items will be shipped to your address provided during the pass purchase (exact delivery timeline, TBD). 
  • Multi-lap Discount can be claimed on site only. Please see our registration tent on site to register for additional laps. Additional laps are subject to space availability.
  • 50% Discount on 12 HR Hurricane Heats, Ultra and Agoge events (coming soon - in the meantime, please contact Customer Support at for assistance).
  • 10% Online Store Discount (limitations apply, but available for the 2021-2022 calendar years, ongoing). Please make sure you're logged into your Spartan account with the same email address used to purchase your pass. Make your store selections and apply the exclusive Season Pass holder coupon code sent to you via email. If you've lost this code, or are unsure, please contact Customer Service who can provide it. Begin shopping here!

Can I share my pass with a friend if I am not attending an event?

NO. The pass is only valid for the person it is registered to. If your pass is used to register someone else, their order will be canceled. If it is caught after the event, they will be DQ'ed and their results removed from the event. Your pass will also be revoked with no refunds given. There is a zero-tolerance policy on Season Pass abuse. No excuses, no exceptions. 

Can I use it on Hurricane Heats?

Yes, you can use the pass to register for 4 hour Hurricane Heats and for 50% off Hurricane Heat 12 Hour events. You will need to sign up for the HH/HH12HR separately from your race in order for the pass to work.  

Can I use it for the Trail Series events?

No, 2021 Season Pass purchases are valid for Spartan OCR events only. They do not cover entry to Spartan Trail events.

What else do I need to know?

  • The Canada Season Pass is only valid on eligible races in Canada, plus 2 entries to the US. 
  • The Spartan Season Pass guarantees entry to every event during the life of your pass but does not guarantee entry into a specific heat. The registration team will give priority to Season Pass Members when adjusting heat assignments, or accepting last-minute registrations, but requests will still be subject to space limitations.
  • Specialty races such as the Charity races, or other possible special events including ones put on by Spartan's Partners may not be included or may be included at a reduced rate. Events that are NOT Season Pass Eligible will be indicated on the Event Page for that specific event.
  • The pass cannot be put on hold in the case of injury, moving, or any other reasons. 
  • We are not able to credit current or past registrations toward the cost of a pass.
  • We are not able to refund current registrations if you buy a pass after signing up for an event.
  • The pass is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Season Pass Holders have access to sold-out events. However, Season Pass Holders do not have access to sold-out heats. If an event is completely sold out we will accommodate you in the afternoon session. 
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